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Frog off!

Frog off – the first night of the frog mating season at our pond – is one of the landmarks of the year. It is the sure and certain sign that the worst of winter is past and that nature has turned inexorably towards spring. It is a sound that thrills us and we rejoice as we turn away from mud and cold and to the prospect of new growth and new life on the smallholding.

Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood (or winter on the holding)

Winter on the holding is dominated by the weather and the challenges it brings, whether of cold or mud, to care effectively for livestock (and humans). But it also brings the pleasure of knowing the sheep more intimately as well as the constant joy and company of the goats.

And now for something different…

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine, Fuchsia Phlox, invited me to participate in her podcast “Back to the Fuchsia”. This was a new adventure for me – I had never listened to a podcast let alone contributed to one – but Fuchsia made the whole experience huge fun. Now the podcast hasContinue reading “And now for something different…”

And here is autumn…

Many writers through the centuries have praised autumn extensively, and indeed a sunny autumn day is glorious. The hedgerows on either side of the track to our smallholding are rich red with haws, the last brambles tangle blackly round my ankles and a careful eye can discern the dark purple sloes hanging high up thisContinue reading “And here is autumn…”